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Innis & Gunn Rum Finish

IMG_20160523_071122This is another example of excellent brewing on behalf of Innis and Gunn and the second I have tried.  It is delicious if a little too strong.  We have taken to drink these in small glasses and sharing them a little like a bottle of wine.  This particular beer goes well with hard cheese and nibbles.  I can’t wait to try some of the other offerings from this brewery.

Innis & Gunn Barrelmaster’s Reserve

ThiIMG_20150722_184437657s was a present and a very welcome one too!  I’d never heard of this brewery but I am definitely going to try some more of theirs; and they seem to have a big selection Innis and Gunn selection.  This is a stronger ale (7.4%) than I would normally drink but is well flavoured with the whisky casks that it is matured in, (hints of vanilla).  It’s the sort of thing that you would drink with food in small quantities, in fact the bottle is a 330ml which is sensible.  They recommend to drink with cheese I imagine a strong very hard cheese would be ideal – I didn’t have any so had to make do with mousetrap but all the same it worked well,  Bottle comes nicely boxed and would make an excellent present – hint hint!

BrewDog Chritsmas Ales – Hoppy Christmas and SantaPaws

Brew dog Christmas beersI bought six of each of this for Christmas day as a beer drinking friend was coming over on the big day.  We sampled both but I now have five bottles of Santa Paws left and just one Hoppy Christmas.  So what is about them?  Well Santa Paws is a heavy ale but not strong – maybe I should have read the label before drinking as it does suggest putting it with the Christmas pud and maybe that would work because of the honey in it.  I’m really not sure.

Now Hoppy Christmas – stronger (7.2%) than my usual tipples but very nice – we should have this all year round not just at Christmas time.  A pale ale with bags of flavour and just really good to drink without food as a starter.  Excellent – no wonder I missed out on the batch in 2013- order early next year!