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Goose Island Honker’s Ale

Goose IslandAn American Ale in the style of English Ales?  Very pleasant and just like a good English bitter.  I get it!  If I lived in Chicago and could drink American mass produced beers or very nice American speciality or craft beers then this would certainly remind me of English beers and sensibly strong at 4.3%;  this might just be a summer lunchtime brew.  BUT whether this will catch on in a big way in the UK is another matter.  Imported by James Clay and Sons in Elland – looking at their website it look like they have plenty of craft beers to try and from some truly unusual locations.

Tap Room IPA

Tap room IPAWell this was a real surprise – I wasn’t expecting to find real US craft beers for sale in Sainsbury’s but there they were – two of them from the Tap Room Brewing Company, Rochester New York.  This is bottled especially for Sainsbury’s and well done them because it’s a really nice beer.   Initially tastes a little sweat but has a very hoppy and long lasting flavour.  I’m a fan and I have yet to try the other beer of these I bought yesterday.