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Grimbergen Blonde

When we lived in Belgium we used to sometime visit Grimbergen Brewery on a Sunday for lGrimbergen Blondeunch.  Seemed a good place to take the kids (they weren’t old enough to drink but the restaurant did have high chairs and was well sorted  – except that everyone smoked!).

I like Grimbergen and its transfer to Heinken and subsequently to Carlsberg has not taken anything away.  It is an Abbey beer but it is lighter and more aromatic than some and is very refreshing.  There are now quite a few pubs in the UK and bars in France (where it also brewed) which serve this on draught again this works well.  Quite a strong beer at 6.7% but for once that doesn’t detract from the taste.  Thumbs up from me

Leffe – Blonde

The Leffe brand is well known but generally associated with the Leffe Brune which is a dark heavy beer.  This Leffe Blonde is its lighter brother or maybe sister!  I’m not an enormous fan of the Blonde version – don’t get me wrong it’s good but just doesn’t feel as special as the Brune.  I’m not sure there is a special food type to eat with this I think of it as a beer just by itself.  The heavier one is best with cheese or a plate of smoked or air dried meats.

It is important that Leffe is served in the proper glass.  You see the type in the picture and it should be (this one isn’t) the correct size for the drink so you can just pour it straight in, so messing about tipping glasses to get the right head – just stick it all in and it works – brilliant!