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Marston’s Pedigree and Old Empire IPA

Marston’s Pedigree

I used to drink Pedigree more or less every day when I was in my 20’s. It was what we had a lunchtime and it was on draft at one of the City’s (now disappeared) pubs. Obviously I liked it a lot so this bottled version , which I hadn’t tried before was a bit of a surprise: I found it had a strange after taste which was different to what I remember.Now I look at it the label speaks of bottle conditioned and explains how it continues to ferment in the bottle, maybe this explains it. Also a bit of surprise was that it is described as an amber ale as I had always assumed a bitter. It is a sensible 4.5%.

Marston’s Old Empire IPA

I had seem Old Empire on the Marston’s website when I was deciding whether or not to invest in Marston’s Brewery (I’m looking for dividends these days) but I had never had it. I loved it what a refreshing beer. I could imaging drinking this all day at a summer BBQ; only slight problem might be that I’d end up rather drunk because, although it’s easy drinking, it’s 5.7%. I will definitely be buying this again.

Banks’s Amber Bitter

Tried this Amber beer mainly because it was the cheapest on offer at Morrisons.  It’s not strong at 3.8% and initially I thought this is very pleasant and might be something that could accompany a lazy afternoon and BBQ but by the time I had got to the bottom of the glass I was detecting a slight aftertaste that I found unpleasant.  I had decided against it.  I do have a second bottle and I will try it again because it could be a fault.  This comes from the Marston family of breweries and they are normally super reliable with their draught beers – of course anyone who tried to make sense of who’s bought who in brewing will have a hard time (see Wikipedia if you don’t believe me).

Flack’s Double Drop

 My son bought me some beer for Christmas a selection from the Flack Manor brewery.  I started with the Double Drop which is an amber ale.  It is sensibly not too strong (3.7%) and has a very bitter taste with a pleasant finish.  It certainly tastes very pure which I guess is down to the Double Drop process.  I had to look up what that means and there is an explanation on their site here.  Basically the fermentation process is split in two parts starting is a high up vessel which is drained (dropped) to a lower vessel to complete the process.  The idea is the impurities are left behind during this process, I think it shows.  I’m not sure this is my favourite but it is worth a try just to sample process.  The Flack Brewery is based in Romsey near Southampton and has an interesting history described on the bottle.

The Lawn Mower

Lawn MowerThis is from the BackYard Brewery which is part of the Falkenberg Brewery in Sweden.  This is a craft beer from the experimental part of that brewery.  It calls it’s self an Amber Larger which I guess it is, although it is darker more like a bitter.  Best to ignore all the silly jokes on the can and when you do there is very little else going on here.  Not unpleasant but a won’t upset the “I’ll have a pint of Larger folks” either.  A little Ho-Hum.

La Trobonix Biere – Ambree

This is a local French beer where I am staying in Fanche-Comte – in the south east of France. This brewery, Brasserie Terra Comtix, was just about 10km from place I was staying in Ornans in the Doubs valley in Franche-Comte.  I bought three different beers from this brewery in a small cheese shop when we were out walking in the hills.   Of course the main reason to go to the cheese shop was to buy the strong Comte cheese (they come in a variety of ages and strengths – we went for 24 month!).

The brewery’s artwork is a Asterix like and pretty much wasted on me.  Unfortunately this, the first of the three I have tried, and my first amber for a little while, didn’t excite me.  The strength is 6.5% ABV.  It’s fine but unremarkable – I will report separately on the other two later on.

No special glass was available at the house we are staying at, nor do I know if one is available.    The orange table cloth came with the rented house, the other beers from this brewery will have a more interesting background.