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Flack Catcher

This the second of the beers my son gave me at Christmas also from the three pack from the Flack Brewery (I’m working up from weakest to strongest although they are all much of muchness).  Not sure if I would chase it down but it’s perfectly fine drinking.  It says on the label that it is “smoothly spiced with a crisp bitter finish leading to an old fashioned zesty linger”.  Not sure what all that means but this is a pleasant golden ale more ale than golden though.    4.4% ABV.

Flack’s Double Drop

 My son bought me some beer for Christmas a selection from the Flack Manor brewery.  I started with the Double Drop which is an amber ale.  It is sensibly not too strong (3.7%) and has a very bitter taste with a pleasant finish.  It certainly tastes very pure which I guess is down to the Double Drop process.  I had to look up what that means and there is an explanation on their site here.  Basically the fermentation process is split in two parts starting is a high up vessel which is drained (dropped) to a lower vessel to complete the process.  The idea is the impurities are left behind during this process, I think it shows.  I’m not sure this is my favourite but it is worth a try just to sample process.  The Flack Brewery is based in Romsey near Southampton and has an interesting history described on the bottle.

Badger Golden Glory

Badger GloryWell it’s been very hot and so refreshing fruity drinks are the order of the day.  What is the beer drinkers alternative to joining in with the Pimms (actually Pimms is pretty good and you get your five a day at the same time)?  Well Badger Golden Glory is a great alternative and best drunk very cold.  I can’t say I’m a big fan of fruity beers normally – I think of those strawberry beers from Belgium or the mix of Weisbeer with fruit cordials which used to be in favour with the older generation in Berlin.  But that said I really like the peachy flavour and hints of other fruits in the Badger Golden Glory; it’s also sensibly not too strong at 4.5%.

The label suggests that this is a winter beer but also drink with BBQ ribs or interestingly with vanilla cheesecake.  Is this the “desert” beer alternative to sticky white wine?   Experiments need to be made, and there’s another bottle in the fridge.  All in all you need to try this at least once.

Test out the beer/food pairings at http://www.hall-woodhouse.co.uk/can-i-get-you-a-drink


GunhillWe have already sampled some of the Adnams beers and today it’s the turn of Gunhill.  When I opened the bottle I was slightly worried that I had a picked too heavy a beer for the first of the evening, however I was pleasantly surprised; the beer is full of barley and especially malty.  It has a slightly sweet flavour and goes down beautifully.  I’ve said this before but it can’t be stressed too much: some breweries are doing themselves no favours by making their beer too strong and these smaller breweries need to look to the experts like Adnams and keep it sensible, 4% is just right for this type of beer.  Also its a sensible 500ml bottle that they say is 33% lighter and therefore more environmental friendly.

Well done on all counts!

Titanic Iceberg

I spotted this when I was out doing the weekly shop in Morrisons.  According to the label the captain Edward Smith hailed from The Potteries and the Titanic Brewery from Stoke-on-Trent was named named in his honour.   They have created a number of different brew but so far I have only tried this one.  It is quite mild so I was looking forward to this as a lunchtime tipple but it has a rather strong taste which taints the food you might be eating with it.   Away from food it’s fine, best served chilled.

I really need to taste their other offerings and/or track down a draught version.

Brains – SA Gold

We all know Brains from watching the magnificent Welsh Rugby team, but I had never tried the beer.  This is an easy drinking hoppy beer but I think would be better if it was drunk as draught beer in the pub (probably with song).  At home it didn’t come across as memorable but that’s so often the way with ales at home.  I looked on the Brains site and there have a good range of beers available, I’ll have to seek out a local pub that stocks them.  The site has loads of other interesting stuff and it even recommends recipes that can be made with the beer, in this case Cheese Fondue which actually sounds good.  Basically using beer as the liquid base.  It still gets drunk with Kirsch though which is the downfall of cheese fondue (and mine on one occasion!).


Dark Star – Espresso

Who would have thought of adding Arabica coffee beans to the brewing process.  Before I tried this I was confused – were they trying to cure a hangover at the same time as consuming the alcohol?  Or is it to stop you falling asleep before you get to the end?  First of all I must commend Dark Star on their commentary on the back label – very clever.  You can really taste the coffee when you drink this and it is interesting but about half way through I started to get a little bored with the heavy flavour.  This would be great if you were sharing it or maybe it goes well with deserts or cheese – I just don’t think I’m going to drink enough of it to cure a hangover.

I’ll definitely be seeking out more Dark Star beers, the range looks interesting.

Also well done Morrisons for stocking weird and wonderful beers.


Adnams Spindrift

Adnams Spindrift

I have just come across this beer from Adnams the long standing Suffolk brewery – 5% by volume but light and refreshing.  I like it cold as a summer ale and it’s the perfect beer for the BBQ season .   Their website suggests it goes well with curry – I will experiment!

Drink this in a regular straight glass

It comes from most supermarkets: we paid £1.79 at Sainsburys, you can also buy direct from Adnams at £18.99 for 12 but with £5.99 delivery (free over £50) so unless you’re buying loads the supermarkets seem the best bet.

Oh and it comes in a lovely blue bottle.