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Abbot Reserve

Abbot Reserve

Abbot Reserve from Greene King of Suffolk. I tried to buy so Greene King shares last week when the price was low and now it’s sky rocketed. Important for me was the dividend and I figured people will always want beer and eating out however down spirited they feel (or maybe even because of it). This is one step up from ‘normal’ Abbot and I really really liked it, I wanted another but didn’t have one – I will rectify that today. Fruity and Malty which must be what I prefer over the hoppy ones. 6.5% ABV but didn’t even hint at that over strong flavour which so many 5+ beers have, Five stars.


GunhillWe have already sampled some of the Adnams beers and today it’s the turn of Gunhill.  When I opened the bottle I was slightly worried that I had a picked too heavy a beer for the first of the evening, however I was pleasantly surprised; the beer is full of barley and especially malty.  It has a slightly sweet flavour and goes down beautifully.  I’ve said this before but it can’t be stressed too much: some breweries are doing themselves no favours by making their beer too strong and these smaller breweries need to look to the experts like Adnams and keep it sensible, 4% is just right for this type of beer.  Also its a sensible 500ml bottle that they say is 33% lighter and therefore more environmental friendly.

Well done on all counts!