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2018 – Augustiner Keller Munich

Was in Munich again this year for the Oktoberfest but arrived earlier than my friend coming on the bus from Switzerland.  So having dropped my luggage at the hotel I headed off to the central bus station (right by Hackerbruke S-Bahn station).  We had decided to meet in the Augustiner Keller gardens which is a great place to meet or just to go.  Although this is just about 1Km from the fest it was completely deserted Sunday lunchtime.

Significantly the price of a beer is much less than at the fest but of course there is no atmosphere.  Also they sell halves which might be important if you are “recovering”.  This was my first beer of the day and I have to say was delicious.  We later found that it tastes even better from the earthen ware jugs.  I made sure that I sat under an umbrella here as the conkers are a problem (and painful).  Returned here on our last day for lunch before boarding the bus, the front entrance with waitress service is recommended for eating.

There is a separate part of the fest called the Oide Wiesn which you pay to enter, but here there is a separate, calmer, world with two or three tents, old fashioned rides and crucially beer in earthen ware steins.  One of these tents is an Augustiner tent if it’s your favourite like mine.  Music is also tradition and we saw a remarkable demonstration of musical whip cracking – see this old youtube clip.

Just 10 more years to the 700th anniversary of this brewer – Be there!