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Marston’s Pedigree and Old Empire IPA

Marston’s Pedigree

I used to drink Pedigree more or less every day when I was in my 20’s. It was what we had a lunchtime and it was on draft at one of the City’s (now disappeared) pubs. Obviously I liked it a lot so this bottled version , which I hadn’t tried before was a bit of a surprise: I found it had a strange after taste which was different to what I remember.Now I look at it the label speaks of bottle conditioned and explains how it continues to ferment in the bottle, maybe this explains it. Also a bit of surprise was that it is described as an amber ale as I had always assumed a bitter. It is a sensible 4.5%.

Marston’s Old Empire IPA

I had seem Old Empire on the Marston’s website when I was deciding whether or not to invest in Marston’s Brewery (I’m looking for dividends these days) but I had never had it. I loved it what a refreshing beer. I could imaging drinking this all day at a summer BBQ; only slight problem might be that I’d end up rather drunk because, although it’s easy drinking, it’s 5.7%. I will definitely be buying this again.


Ah yes Duvel!  I first had Duvel when I started working in Brussels – we were frequent visitors to the James Tavern in Rue de Commerce in Brussels.  I had a few of these one night and didn’t know what had hit me!  This is a light beer easy to drink but strong at 8.5%.  Should be drunk in a globe type glass which is slightly flared at the top – I didn’t have one so had to use a chunky wine like glass, should have used a Palm glass (I’ll get round to Palm when I find some in the UK or get over to Belgium again) but I forgot I had them.  I love the taste which belies it’s strength, ideal first beer after work.

I’ve never seen this or tasted it but now you can get Duvel on draught, let me know where in London and I’ll give it a go.