Titsey Brewery Company

A couple of months ago Titsey Brewery were raising money through crowd funding, the offer seemed too good to miss because, as well as some sample bottles of beer, there was a voucher for the well respected Botley Farmhouse pub. So without further ado I invested. Well I picked up the beers a couple of weeks ago and here is my view having sampled three of them.


First off we have the Gresham Hopper. It claims to be a hoppy pale ale, and it is very very hoppy. In my mind a bit too hoppy! It was also rather cloudy, now I don’t know if this is due to sediment in the bottle or if it is just naturally cloudy. Its just 3.7% so not strong and so should be easy drinking, however I struggled to finish it. So not my favourite.

Next the Leveson Buck IPA, this one is still very hoppy but much more manageable. It was also a little cloudy which make me think there are supposed to be like that. Both this and the Gresham Hopper have Cascade and Chinook hops but unlike the Hopper this one has Simcoe rather than Eurica. Anyway it is also 3.7% and a much better drink in my view. Still not my favourite of this bunch.

Gower Wolf

Gower Wolf is the Best Bitter and at 4% very drinkable. This was easily my favourite of the trio. Not too hoppy and with a nice finish. This one uses East Kent Golding the traditional English bitter’s hop. I have yet to try this on draft but I suspect that will be more or a treat.

I have one more to try but that will be subject to a later post. In the meantime Happy (or should that be hoppy) New Year.

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